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Can coaches help no-decision managers to make decisions?

I remember telling a friend of mine who happened to be a coach that I was interested in managers that never make decisions because I had met so many in my career in multinational organisations.

He immediately went into his coaching mode and started to explain how he could help them overcome their decision-making weakness.I received an analysis of why they never made decisions and then I got a detailed programme of how he would help them.

“But what if they never make decisions regardless of any help.”

“Not possible,” he replied, “they will eventually be able to decide on their own.”

I couldn’t convince him that there are managers who never decide anything, ever. He had never met one so was not able to imagine that they could exist. I met eight of them so I know for a fact that they do exist. I hope he never has one as a client because whatever his theory or anyone’s theory might be, they never decide.

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