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Can HR help no-decision managers make decisions?

I worked with eight no-decision managers and looking back, I am amazed that none of the managers in HR ever tried to help them overcome their lack of decision-making. There was no excuse in pretending that they were unaware of their weakness or of the many subordinates that were in distress working for them.  They knew they never made decisions even if some of the bosses didn’t.

In one instance, when one of my no-decision colleagues was having trouble deciding how to allocate his budget between his different teams, I went to HR and suggested that they appoint a coach to accompany him during this task. I thought that eventually the coach would realise that he was working with a no-decision manager, and maybe he would step in and make the necessary budget allocation decisions in his place.  

But HR never intervened and just stood by and watched. They watched as the team leaders spent what they wanted. They watched as expenses exploded. They watched when the boss intervened to admonish my no-decision colleague for not managing his budget.  I never saw what happened next because I left the company, but I was not surprised when a few months later my no-decision colleague was fired. I suspect that his boss had discovered he was a no-decision manager.

Could it be that HR knew that no-decision managers never make decisions and there was no point in intervening? I don’t know but I suspect something else was going on.

Any comments on why HR doesn’t intervene in these situations would be welcome.

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