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Careers of long term no-decision managers

I have a theory that no-decision managers have two types of careers in organisations. I base this on the career of my first no-decision boss and on the different careers of the other successful no-decision managers I worked with.

My first no-decision boss had a long career as a no-decision manager, but he never lasted longer than three or four years in any organisation before he was discovered and fired. He was in his fifties when I worked with him and had worked in top management of many different organisations before mine and several after.

His career structure was very different to the other successful no-decision managers I worked with. They stayed in the same company for years, gradually gaining promotion some into top management, others remaining in middle management but usually in the same department.

My theory is, that my first no-decision boss had not mastered all the survival strategies necessary to stay in an organisation over the long term.  I am not sure which ones he was not able to master, but I suspect that he did not have sufficient skills to develop the special relationship with his respective bosses in the different companies he worked in. He seemed to me, as his subordinate, to have all the other behaviours that my other no-decision managers had. This was the only one I was not able to verify.

And of course I couldn’t just ask him why he had been fired by so many companies!

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