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Fired on discovery. My first no-decision colleague.

This was the first and only time I witnessed a manager being fired for not making decisions. As soon as management realised that he would never make this important decision to reorganise his department, my no-decision colleague was dismissed.

I know this, because my boss, and his boss at the time, told me. It was obvious that my boss was not aware that he was a no-decision manager in the first place, and when discovered he was fired. But discovery did not come from his subordinates who had known from the beginning he was a no-decision manager, and had complained openly to anyone who would listen that they were fed up working with him, because he never decided. Discovery came from his own behaviour: his lack of decision-making. This, I have discovered since, is what usually happens.

He was unfortunate, because he chose a company where decision-making was pushed down to the lowest level, and he did not have time to build his ‘no-decision survival skills,’ which every long-serving no-decision manager must acquire. I met another no-decision manager in the same company much later, and I noticed that he managed to survive in the same environment because of these survival skills. A story for later!

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