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Frogs and no-decision managers implementing decisions

As I have already explained no-decision managers are experts in implementing decisions made by others, never making decision themselves. They carry out the instructions in relation to the decision quickly, precisely and with so much energy that one cannot believe they are no-decision managers.

Even today, whenever I hear or read the phrase ‘implement a decision’ I always think of the story of the frogs.

“There are six frogs on a wall.  Two frogs decide to jump off.  How many frogs are now on the wall?

OK, I’ll save you the embarrassment: there are six.


The two frogs only decided to jump off; they did not actually jump off.” (Note 1 below)

Actually jumping off the wall is implementing the decision. If anyone other than the no-decision manager makes the decision to jump off the wall, the no-decision manager will jump off immediately, elegantly and with precision, but will never make the decision to jump off themself.

Note1: Phil Jones, (19th April 2016), (six frogs on the wall) Article entitled “Decision Making and Decision Taking, Quality of Conversation”, www.excitant.co.uk

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