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Fundamental Frustration

After moving through the emotions of getting to know the new no-decision boss and spending some time in severe frustration, subordinates will eventually realise that decisions will never be made by their no-decision manager. This knowledge, a sort of negative awakening, moves subordinates into “fundamental frustration”, a type of permanent severe frustration. Subordinates have suddenly discovered a boss who will never decide. They never knew that such a manager even existed. But now they have one as their boss.

A quote on frustration

“To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles.”
is attributed to T.F. Hodge. (a writer, blogger, commentator)
Unfortunately he has clearly never worked for a no-decision boss. The outcome when working for a no-decision manager is not the decision that needs to be made. The outcome is that no decision will ever be made. If subordinates concentrate on this, it will just increase their frustration levels. The advice does not work. In fact, focussing on the obstacle does not work either.

Career changing moment

Going into “fundamental frustration” should be a career changing moment for subordinates. Many however chose to stay in ‘fundamental frustration’. They remain in this negative emotion and continue to hate and despise their no-decision boss, always aware that decisions will never be made.
Others will look around and search for alternatives. Some will stay in a negative emotional state different from that of ‘fundamental frustration’. Some will seek a positive outcome.

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