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HR never intervened with any of my no-decision managers.

I remember being extremely frustrated with my first two no-decision bosses because they never decided anything. Most of my colleagues were too. How can having frustrated subordinates be good for any organisation?

It took me a while to realise that these two managers would never make decisions at all. For the first boss, I quit as soon as possible, but stayed frustrated. For the second I was not able to leave quickly and had to wait more than a year before I had the chance to leave. And during that time I stayed in a state of intense frustration with the complete lack of decision-making. What I now call the state of ‘fundamental frustration’.

The morale of many of us was low. We spent our time talking about why these managers never made decisions and comparing tales of how decisions were avoided.  I now know these are decision avoidance tactics, but at the time they were just exchanges with our boss that made us more and more frustrated. While we were doing this our work was not being done.

I didn’t expect HR to intervene and they didn’t. But they knew that people were leaving and that many of our team were angry and frustrated with our boss because he never made a decision. They processed the resignations and new hires as though this was their only task.

I feel that HR have a responsibility to manage situations created by toxic bosses. I suspect, however that organisations do not have processes to deal with them. If they do, I have never seen them in any of the organisations I worked in.

Any thoughts from HR experts?

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