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My career with no-decision managers. Gradual learning.

The chronology of my meetings with no-decision managers was first to have two bosses. I found both experiences distressing and worked in negative emotion with both of them. This centred everything on myself and on my frustration, so that I was unable to do anything except suffer in silence and get away as soon as possible.

Next I met three colleagues as no-decision mangers. Here I was able to watch and analyse what was going on without the emotion. I discovered some of the characteristics of no-decision managers and their ways of surviving or of not-surviving when management discovered they never made decisions. These four enabled me to gradually understand them.

I then worked with another no-decision boss. Here, I finally understood that it was possible to have fun working with one. My final two no-decision managers were again colleagues. They were both experienced no-decision managers and this time I finally understood their survival techniques in detail. They became my inspiration to write a book about them.

But it was only here at the end, that I realised they used similar tactics to avoid decision-making and yet none of them had ever met each other. How, I though, can this be possible?

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