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My first toxic manager

I must have one of the highest ratios of toxic bosses.  

My first, during my auditing days in my twenties, was an aggressive manager, who never managed to plan his audits correctly and who then blamed his audit team for not working fast enough. I was still fairly junior and it was the first time I had worked for him, so I was unaware of his reputation for bad planning and aggressiveness.

As the audit deadline approached, he became more and more agitated. It was clear we would never finish in time. At 6 pm on the day before we were supposed to finish, he ordered us to work all night, which we did, all seven of us.  It is true he stayed with us, reviewing the files but by morning he realised we would still miss the deadline. He went into an uncontrollable rage, screaming and shouting at us, saying we should work all day again.

After a coffee and some chocolate from the vending machine in place of breakfast, we walked out and left him shouting at himself. I don’t remember what he did or what happened to the deadline, but we turned up for work the next morning as though nothing had happened, and completed the audit.

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