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My second no-decision colleague. A survivor.

My second no-decision colleague was a long-serving no-decision manager and had been in the company for many years even with several promotions.

He was a survivor. I discovered that he was a no-decision manager from comments of his subordinates. It was at this moment that I realised that these managers are unable to make decisions in the company environment, but can decide on their own strategies for survival.

At the time, of course, I knew nothing of the survival strategies of no-decision managers but I noticed he behaved differently with us, his colleagues, compared to his behaviour with his subordinates.

With us he was open, friendly and communicative; towards his subordinates, he was cold, distant and often aggressive. This is clearly not a survival tactic but then I noticed that with his boss he was different again. He was more open, friendlier and a better communicator with our boss that he was with us. Three sets of behaviour for different levels of hierarchy in the company.

At this stage I registered the fact and moved on. He was the fourth no-decision manager I had worked with, so I was starting to become familiar with them. He had been in the company for many years, but my previous no-decision colleague had been fired for not making decisions. He was doing something different.

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