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No-decision managers have a management category. They are “absentee leaders.”

At last, I can put my no-decision managers into a category of managers recognised by the Harvard Business Review. I no longer feel alone in denouncing and writing about them. And as a bonus this class of manager is considered incompetent.

I have just discovered this article called ‘The Most Common Type of Incompetent Leader’ written by Scott Gregory in 2018 where he writes about ‘absentee leaders:’

“Absentee leadership rarely comes up in today’s leadership or business literature, but research shows that it is the most common form of incompetent leadership.”

My no-decision managers fit perfectly into this category of manager. Here is the link to the article:


I differ with Scott Gregory in just one point. While I agree with his concept of absentee leadership, I am unable to use the word leader with my no-decision managers. I made a conscious effort not to name them as leaders, even incompetent leaders. A ‘no-decision leader’ makes no sense to me.  A leader leads, these people are unable to lead anything, they destroy or as Scott Gregory writes:

“These absentee leaders are often silent organization killers.”

I agree and unfortunately, I could only stand by on the inside and watch as they slowly put the organisation onto this path to destruction. This is the reason I write about them.

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