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No-decision track

A story about a bully manager

I also worked for a toxic bully manager. He enjoyed making people who showed fear, become terrified. As soon as he thought anyone was intimidated, he would jump in and become aggressive to make it worse. Because I stood up to him and never showed any weakness when talking to him, he acted like a […]


I worked for other toxic bosses too

I once had a toxic micromanager as my boss. At first I found it difficult and disturbing. But over time I managed to become thick skinned, and as I said to my colleagues and my team, his attention to unnecessary detail and constant bickering about nothing, “flowed off me like water off the back of […]


Why no-decision managers are difficult to find.

I remember a colleague complaining to our boss’s boss that our manager never made decisions. He obtained a one on one meeting to try to get an important decision which our boss refused to make, because he was a no-decision manager. It was an investment decision for the purchase of equipment to improve productivity. My […]


Don’t mix up an indecisive boss with a no-decision boss.

Indecisive bosses need help to make their decisions. They might be afraid to decide, or afraid to hurt someone with their decision, or they are looking for the perfect decision which doesn’t exist. Once a subordinate has learnt what the indecisive boss needs, then he or she can help, and with the help decisions will […]


The first decision I made in place of my boss

The first time I decided to make a decision in place of my boss, was the approval of purchase order for fixed assets. I don’t remember what exactly, but I know I did not have full authority to make the decision. My boss was required to sign the form not me. This was a big […]

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