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No-decision track

Why work in frustration? Take your freedom

With my polls in LinkedIn last week there was an overwhelming opinion that subordinates work in frustration with a boss that never makes decisions: a no-decision boss. BUT they don’t need to at all. Once they realise that they are free from supervision and free from control, why bother to stay in frustration? No-decision bosses […]


What happened to me when I met my no-decision bosses?

For my first boss, my initial reaction was surprise and bewilderment. I was a young manager and couldn’t believe that such a person existed in any organisation. But the surprise didn’t last long. Frustration soon set in, feeling that the whole department had stopped moving forward, and that I was spending useless time collecting information […]


No-decision managers have a management category. They are “absentee leaders.”

At last, I can put my no-decision managers into a category of managers recognised by the Harvard Business Review. I no longer feel alone in denouncing and writing about them. And as a bonus this class of manager is considered incompetent. I have just discovered this article called ‘The Most Common Type of Incompetent Leader’ […]


HR never intervened with any of my no-decision managers.

I remember being extremely frustrated with my first two no-decision bosses because they never decided anything. Most of my colleagues were too. How can having frustrated subordinates be good for any organisation? It took me a while to realise that these two managers would never make decisions at all. For the first boss, I quit […]


Can HR help no-decision managers make decisions?

I worked with eight no-decision managers and looking back, I am amazed that none of the managers in HR ever tried to help them overcome their lack of decision-making. There was no excuse in pretending that they were unaware of their weakness or of the many subordinates that were in distress working for them.  They […]

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