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No-decision track

Is doing nothing a decision?

I have already explained that no-decision managers do nothing when faced with a decision. Many people believe that doing nothing is a decision in itself and others believe that doing nothing is wrong. This is based on the famous quote, see the article ‘Their impact on organisations’: “In any moment of decision the best thing […]


Frogs and no-decision managers implementing decisions

As I have already explained no-decision managers are experts in implementing decisions made by others, never making decision themselves. They carry out the instructions in relation to the decision quickly, precisely and with so much energy that one cannot believe they are no-decision managers. Even today, whenever I hear or read the phrase ‘implement a […]


Can coaches help no-decision managers to make decisions?

I remember telling a friend of mine who happened to be a coach that I was interested in managers that never make decisions because I had met so many in my career in multinational organisations. He immediately went into his coaching mode and started to explain how he could help them overcome their decision-making weakness.I […]


They never own up to be no-decision managers

A consulting friend of mine told me a story of how he confronted a no-decision manager with his lack of decision-making. He was a consultant and discovered that his client was a no-decision manager. His duty, he thought, was to inform him of his no-decision status. He decided to bring up the subject, if I […]


What is the difference between a no-decision manager and a ‘procrastinating manager’?

It is true that procrastinating managers use some of the tactics that no-decision managers use to avoid decision-making, and it is possible when starting to work with them that there could be confusion between the two. But, instead of procrastinating only over decisions, as no-decision managers do, they procrastinate over everything: tasks, managerial activities, actions […]

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