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No-decision track

My career with no-decision managers. Gradual learning.

The chronology of my meetings with no-decision managers was first to have two bosses. I found both experiences distressing and worked in negative emotion with both of them. This centred everything on myself and on my frustration, so that I was unable to do anything except suffer in silence and get away as soon as […]


How management works with a no-decision manager. My first no-decision colleague.

My first no-decision colleague was told to decide on any one of the alternatives he had analysed in his report to headquarters to change the organisation. As a no-decision manager he found this impossible. He did nothing. He waited. His immediate boss who had recently promoted him, could have made the decision in his place. […]


Working with a manager who never makes decisions. My first no-decision colleague, how was I going to work with him?

I decided to work closely with him to see what would happen. Shortly after his promotion, he was asked to prepare an analysis of the rapidly changing market and propose a new organisation to accompany the change His report was brilliant and his analysis of the changing market was spot on. He made several different […]


Working with a manager who never makes decisions. My first no-decision colleague.

I met my first no-decision colleague after working for two no-decision bosses. He had recently been promoted into the top management team from being a brilliant middle manager. He was friendly, intelligent and very likeable. He knew the company in great detail, and was expert in knowledge of the industry. After only a few weeks, […]


Organisations keep managers who never make decisions. My first no-decision boss

Once the frustration of working with my first no-decision boss had settled, three things amazed me. First how could such a manger even exist in the business world: one who never makes decisions? It must be impossible, but no, here he was, a European Director, coming into the office every day to do almost nothing […]

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