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Tactic Number 12 Appoint a Consultant

Appointing a consultant to work on a problem is similar to the task force for no-decision managers and is only used by those in top management who have the authority and the budget. There are three advantages for no-decision managers of using consultants over appointing a task force. First they need less management time, second their report can more easily be sent to top management for a decision and third they often take longer to finish their work. All this gives no-decision managers much less to do and much less to worry about.
Remember no-decision managers are not concerned by the proposals the consultants will come up with. The whole process is designed to delay the decision or give them time to find someone else to make the decision in their place.

Normal Managers

Normal managers use consultants to help them find the best decision for their company or division. No-decision managers, as you now know, do not.

Effect on subordinates

Subordinates working for no-decision managers in top management usually welcome the appointment of a consultant because they know that at last a decision will be made, so they actively help the consultants and then participate in the process of decision-making by headquarters or with the boss of their no-decision manager.

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