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Tactic Number 13.5 Deviated Sideways Delegation

‘Deviated sideways delegation’ is the last way no-decision managers avoid decision-making though deviated delegation. Here, they persuade a colleague at the same hierarchical level to take a decision in their place. If they have a common project together, it might be possible for another manager to take the lead and make the key decisions. This situation however rarely comes up. In senior management no-decision managers find this option almost impossible. In middle management it is easier.

As usual no-decision managers do not approach a colleague a request: ‘Hey, Will you take a decision for me?’ They never talk about their lack of decision-making. They have to find a non-verbal way to persuade them. Some colleagues, knowing they are a no-decision manager, might step in and make the decision in their place.

Normal managers

Normal managers never make decisions in place of colleagues. They might help a colleague in some way, especially if they are interested in the outcome of the decision for their department. Making the decision of someone else is usually a source of conflict and is never part of any corporate culture.

Effect on subordinates

Subordinates realise that some decisions are made some of the time even though they now know that their no-decision boss never makes decisions. At some stage while working with no-decision managers, they will realise that others make decisions in place of their boss.

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