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Tactic Number 14 Implementing Decisions

No-decision managers use implementing decisions made by others, first as a tactic to avoid decision-making and second as way of showing the world that they are not really managers who never decide but normal managers, because here they are looking as though they are suddenly making decisions, but all they are doing is carrying out the orders of the boss.

If, for instance, a senior no-decision manager has been ordered to close down a factory and lay-off all the employees, a decision probably made in headquarters, this is what they will do. They have decided nothing, but they suddenly move into action to complete the task.

To avoid decision-making elsewhere in their organisation, they announce that they have suspended decision-making until this task has been completed. In some instances, they announce nothing but use it as an excuse when subordinates request a decision: ‘Wait until I have closed the factory and come back to me’. By now you will know, that when subordinates comes back, they still do not make the decision.

Normal managers
OK, so any normal manager will also do the same thing. They will close down the factory as ordered. And here no-decision managers act exactly as normal managers. There is no difference.

Effect on subordinates
Some subordinates believe that their no-decision boss has suddenly become a normal manager. But they quickly realise that as soon as the order has been executed, they go back to their normal activity of not making decisions.

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