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Tactic Number 15 Outrageous behaviour

The last tactic that no-decision managers use for avoiding decisions is only recognisable by those who work closely with them. When faced with sustained pressure from subordinates to make a decision, they suddenly come out of their normal behaviour and seem to lose control: a sort of ‘outrageous behaviour’. An example would be extreme anger, but they use other behaviours – anything to shock subordinates and stop them in their tracks. It is only directed at the subordinates asking for an important decision to be made.

This type of behaviour has already been documented in management literature. Managers, for instance, that cannot make up their minds for a difficult decision when pressured by subordinates, suddenly become angry and make a stupid decision in exasperation, unpopular with their subordinates and not useful to the company. The difference here though, is that no-decision managers just demonstrate the behaviour but never make any decision. Their objective is to stop the request of subordinates.

Normal managers
Any manager can become angry and even lose control in extreme stress or when an important deadline is approaching. However, normal managers do not become angry as a tactic to stop making decisions, as no-decision managers do.

Effect on subordinates
This behaviour of their no-decision boss is so sudden and surprising that subordinates invariably just stop requesting that the decision be made. If they do this, then they play into the hands of no-decision managers, who are happy that the pressure for decision-making has just disappeared. Their tactic is successful.

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