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Tactic Number 4 Ignoring

No-decision managers learn early in their careers that the first three tactics are totally inadequate as the only decision avoidance mechanisms. The fourth tactic, I call ‘ignoring’. No-decision managers ignore subordinates who remind them too often to take a decision. They are ignored in the corridor, ignored in meetings, ignored in group discussions, ignored when they speak and the no-decision boss refuses one on one individual with this subordinate. Their boss takes away any opportunity to remind them to make a decision.


This is an aggressive tactic to unsettle subordinates, but is also the first of many unspoken messages that they do not Iike these repeated reminders to make a decision.

Normal managers

Normal managers do not adopt these petty methods to give messages to their subordinates. They talk to them and let their subordinates know that they should not pester them. Normal managers know a decision is required and they will make it when they are ready. If they are not ready, they make a simple request to subordinates to wait.

Effect on subordinates

Sensitive subordinates become insecure and others become frustrated and angry with this tactic, but nearly all do not understand the message which is to stop reminding their no-decision boss to make a decision.


In addition to this fourth tactic; no-decision managers have invented four additional simple tactics used by them to avoid decision making.

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