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Tactic Number 6 Guards

Positioning a guard to prevent access is an expensive but effective way to avoid decision-making. The guard of course is a secretary or personal assistant of the no-decision manager, when they are senior enough to have one. The personal assistant can be well organised, calm, have a professional manner, act with tact and discretion and carry out multi-tasking. But above all, no-decision managers need a personal assistant who is trained as a watchdog to protect them from people in the organisation who want them to make decisions: someone fierce, vigilant and faithful.

Normal Managers

All managers who have personal assistants use them as guards when they do not want to be disturbed. Only no-decision managers use them to avoid decision-making.

Effect on Subordinates

With these six tactics now functioning together, managers who need decisions made discover that their no-decision boss is often absent, busy, unavailable, ignores them, or prevents them from having access, so they find it almost impossible to see them to discuss decision-making anyway.



From tactic number 7 no-decision managers have to resort to more psychological tactics to avoid decision-making.

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