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The first decision I made in place of my boss

The first time I decided to make a decision in place of my boss, was the approval of purchase order for fixed assets. I don’t remember what exactly, but I know I did not have full authority to make the decision. My boss was required to sign the form not me.

This was a big step for me to take and I gave it careful thought. Should I, for instance, tell him before I made the decision, tell him after I had made it or not tell him at all, and let him find out on his own? In the end, I wanted to see what his reaction would be when I told him.

I remember going into his office and announcing that I would sign the approval form which we had been waiting for for weeks. I expected a reaction to this information but I got nothing. He ignored what I said and changed the subject. This non reaction, he did nothing (which as you will now know is a tactic no-decision managers use not to make decisions!) was for me an approval from him that I could go ahead and sign.

Which I did, and the investment was made.

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