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The second reason I wrote the book

I also wrote this book to help Human Resources realise the distress and pain that managers who never make decisions: no-decision managers, bring to the people in their organisation.

Most subordinates work in frustration with their no-decision boss and spend their time pestering them for decisions that should be made. Over the long term this is not good for their mental health. A few realise that no decisions will ever be made and go into resignation, in a sort of passive submission, resigned to their circumstances with a boss that never makes decisions. A minority choose to stay in conflict. They stay in a continuous state of confrontation and pressure their boss every time a decision should be made, usually in anger, holding long emotional discussions in an attempt to force a decision. They cannot accept that decisions are never made.

I still do not know why, but most HR departments ignore these subordinates working in distress for no-decision bosses. And yet they could step in and help, especially when management decides to keep their toxic no-decision managers and this situation lasts for many years.

HR departments know quite well where no-decision managers exist in the organisation, because subordinates tell HR that they are frustrated or angry working for a boss that never makes decisions.

I dislike no-decision managers so deeply that I had to write the book in this unusual way. Taking the steps to become one is the best way to understand how they work and survive in organisations. By understanding them HR departments can then step in and help the subordinates.

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