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What do they do all day? Excellence in public speaking.

No-decision managers. What do they do all day? One of my no-decision managers, whom I will not identify, became an excellent public speaker.

He was generally a quiet person, but when he spoke in public he transformed himself into bundle of energy, charm and humour. I remember just after listening to one of his speeches, my neighbour said to me:

‘Wow what a manager. It must be great working for somebody like that.’

I was so astonished that I don’t remember what my comment was. However, I know I didn’t tell him that he was a no-decision manager, that he was incompetent and that it was quite the opposite of great; more like – horrible or detestable to work for him. I just wanted to get as far away from him as possible.

Anyway, public speaking became his working hobby. He spent hours making speeches all over the place within the company and without. While he was doing this, he didn’t have to make decisions and it allowed him to be out of the office for much of the time, also perfect for decision avoidance.

This is an example of what a no-decision manager can do. It is certainly not typical of them but the principle all no-decision managers use is the same. Carry out activities which do not require decision-making. Become an expert in something to take away the focus their principle weakness: that of not making decisions. Preferably use this activity for self-promotion to show everyone that they are great managers.  This no-decision manager was perfect using this activity.

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