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What is a no-decision manager?

No-decision managers are simply managers in any type of organisation who never take decisions. They just cannot make them. They refuse to decide. They have expelled decision-making from their managerial life so that decision avoidance becomes their primary objective in their managerial careers.
Most people will say that this type of manager just cannot exist. Making decisions, after all, is such a fundamental part of management that such managers would never be able to survive in any organisation. These managers however do exist, and there will come a time in any person’s career when they will be confronted by such a manager, as their boss, as a colleague or even as a subordinate.

Not indecisive or procrastinators

No-decision managers are not hesitant managers or managers who are slow to take decisions. Nor are they what are sometimes called ‘procrastination managers’, who work primarily on tasks and actions that they enjoy and who delay other tasks until the last minute. These managers do take decisions in the end. Nor are they ‘indecisive managers’, who, it is true, are the closest species of manager to the no-decision manager, because they use many of the same tactics to delay decision-making. In the end though, ‘indecisive managers’, often with the help of their subordinates, will take a decision.

They go the whole way

No-decision managers go the whole way, they never decide ever, as extraordinary as that sounds. They are simply averse to deciding, and so most of their management time is spent on decision avoidance and survival in organisations.

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