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Why did I allow them to make my life miserable?

With my first two no-decision bosses I worked in frustration with them for many months. Why did I allow these two to make my life miserable for so long?

I was so wound up with my frustration, I didn’t do anything except wallow in it. Looking back now I am really kicking myself.

What I should have done was this. Just ask myself the question:

What can I get out of this situation to help myself?

The easiest thing I could have done was learn something new from them. These two incompetent bosses were doing something right to keep their jobs and not be discovered as managers who never made decisions.

I could have learnt some tips on networking from them. On managing information upwards in the organisation. On how to manage the boss. Or in their case, how to deceive the boss. On how to understand subordinates working in the team. The knowledge of their team members was detailed and accurate, even if they only used it for their own purposes and never for the good of the team or the organisation.

Had I spent these months learning instead of living in frustration, I would have been a better manager for so many years. What a waste! I am sure in most, maybe not in all toxic manager situations, it is possible to get something positive out of the time spent with these people.

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