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Why I wrote the book

I wrote this book to help people working for managers who never make decisions: no-decision managers.

There are ways to work with them in harmony and still keep a career going. Leaving the company is not necessary and frustration can easily be overcome. I show the different options available to work peacefully with these toxic managers.

I also wrote the book to help HR managers realise the pain that no-decision managers, bring to the people in their organisation.

I still do not know why, but most HR departments ignore subordinates working for no-decision managers. And yet they can step in and help subordinates working, even if management decides to keep their toxic no-decision managers. Further, they know where they exist in the organisation; subordinates tell HR that they are frustrated working for the boss never makes decisions.

Finally, I wrote the book to help management detect people who never make decisions in their organisation and even in their own team.

No-decision managers hide in organisations for years because they have a clear strategy for survival which works. They destroy the moral of their teams and slowly bring their organisation or department to a halt and yet management is still unable to detect them.

I dislike no-decision managers so deeply that I had to write the book in this unusual way. Taking the steps to become one is the best way to understand how they work and survive in organisations.

If you know someone working for a manager who never makes decisions, please let them know that my book and blog exist.

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