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Why no-decision managers are difficult to find.

I remember a colleague complaining to our boss’s boss that our manager never made decisions.

He obtained a one on one meeting to try to get an important decision which our boss refused to make, because he was a no-decision manager. It was an investment decision for the purchase of equipment to improve productivity. My colleague had completed a comprehensive analysis and explanation of the investment, but could not get the signature on the fixed asset request form.

In desperation he went to the boss’s boss with the request. He did not make the decision either, but appointed someone in headquarters to review what was going on. Finally the decision was made, not by our no-decision boss but collectively in headquarters.

With this action everyone in headquarters, including the boss’s boss, had been informed that we had a no-decision manager, supposedly running our department. And nothing happened. Clearly informing management that there is a toxic manager in the company is not sufficient. Our no-decision manager continued to work in the same position for many years.

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