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Why work in frustration? Take your freedom

With my polls in LinkedIn last week there was an overwhelming opinion that subordinates work in frustration with a boss that never makes decisions: a no-decision boss. BUT they don’t need to at all.

Once they realise that they are free from supervision and free from control, why bother to stay in frustration? No-decision bosses never control their subordinates because control involves making a decision, so without really knowing it, subordinates are free to do what they want. No-one will tell them. They have to find out by themselves and it took me my third no-decision boss to realise I was free.

So if I didn’t want to come in to the office one day, I could take the day off and my boss would not question why or what I was doing and I didn’t even need to tell him. I tried it out a couple of times and nothing happened. I got a lot of questions from my team and my colleagues, wondering about my sudden absences, BUT not from my boss.

This realisation was a sort of awakening for me. I thought back to my colleagues who were happy working with my first two no-decision bosses, and yes there were a few who were not frustrated like I was. They were quite happy working with these managers. They must have taken their freedom too.

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