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Working for a ‘micro manager’

One of my no-decision colleagues worked for a ‘micro-manager’ as his boss. I thought this would turn out fine.

The ‘micro-manager’ boss, as you know, exercises excessive control over subordinates and goes into minute detail about everything. They take so much control, that they make all the decisions, which I thought would be perfect for my no-decision colleague.

Unfortunately, because he went into so much detail, he gave my no-decision colleague numerous minor decisions to make quickly, which he found impossible to cope with. As soon as he refused to make one of these minor decisions, he was jumped on by his boss, and severely reprimanded. He spent weeks being shouted at by his ‘micro manager’ who seemed to be getting fed up making too many decisions, while that is what he did all the time anyway.

I never asked why he fired my no-decision colleague. I didn’t dare even bring the subject up, but I now suppose, looking back, that it was because he never made the minor decisions. “You never do anything” was what he screamed at him. In fact he worked like mad, but was considered too slow, because he stopped whenever he had to make one of the minor decisions.

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