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How to detect no-decision managers

Finally, I wrote this book to help management detect no-decision managers in their organisation and even in their own team.

Most of the time management doesn’t know they have managers that never make decisions in their organisation. They can stay in hiding for years because they have a clear strategy for survival which works. Through this strategy they destroy the moral of their teams and slowly bring their organisation or department to a halt and yet management is still unable to detect them.

In the book, I warn potential no-decision managers that they cannot overcome two weaknesses in their survival strategy:

“In the other two points of weakness, however you have no control:

  1. Reported incidents where decisions are not made
  2. Unexplained slow progress in the department involved.

These two are a direct consequence of no-decision-making so are impossible to counter. But now that you know, be aware that you will ultimately be detected as a no-decision manager through them. Having more subordinates in aphonic acknowledgement would help, even though you have no direct influence in putting them there. (Aphonic acknowledgement is the silly name I give where subordinates make decisions in place of their no-decision boss).

The second important point to note is that once the doubts have started to surface, your boss will use Human Resources to confirm whether or not you are a real no-decision manager. Human Resources clearly know that you are one, and they have been a great help to you in avoiding detection, so there is not much that you can do. Perhaps set up an early warning system with key Human Resource individuals. Now that you know, be aware.”

Do not be put off by the unusual way I have written the book. I dislike no-decision managers so deeply that I used this way to mock them.

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