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My first no-decision boss: reflections

The frustration working with my first no-decision boss only disappeared the day I left. Looking back three things amazed me.First, how could such a manger even exist in the business world: one who never makes decisions? It must be impossible, but no, here he was, a European Director, coming into the office every day to do nothing. Second, how could my company hire such an incompetent, toxic manager and leave him in place. They will surely realise quickly, after all they are competent managers running a multinational and must have the ability to detect incompetent managers. He won’t last long, I thought, he can’t, but he did, he lasted three more years after I had left. And third, how could such a senior position be filled with a manager who never made decisions. OK mistakes can be made for middle management, but here he was a top manager running operations in Europe. I realise now that my company didn’t know he was a no-decision manager. Of course they should have known, and HR should have helped to find him quickly. I don’t know why he was fired three years later. I wasn’t in the company and anyway I didn’t care. I had moved on. But I guess they discovered he was a no-decision manager, but far too late in my opinion.

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