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How to detect no-decision managers

Finally, I wrote this book to help management detect no-decision managers in their organisation and even in their own team. Most of the time management doesn’t know they have managers that never make decisions in their organisation. They can stay in hiding for years because they have a clear strategy for survival which works. Through […]

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The second reason I wrote the book

I also wrote this book to help Human Resources realise the distress and pain that managers who never make decisions: no-decision managers, bring to the people in their organisation. Most subordinates work in frustration with their no-decision boss and spend their time pestering them for decisions that should be made. Over the long term this […]


Why I wrote the book

I wrote this book to help people working for managers who never make decisions: no-decision managers. There are ways to work with them in harmony and still keep a career going. Leaving the company is not necessary and frustration can easily be overcome. I show the different options available to work peacefully with these toxic […]


My first toxic manager

I must have one of the highest ratios of toxic bosses.   My first, during my auditing days in my twenties, was an aggressive manager, who never managed to plan his audits correctly and who then blamed his audit team for not working fast enough. I was still fairly junior and it was the first […]


Extended Holiday

I am back from an unexpected extended Christmas holiday. My modern, expensive, high speed broadband broke down just after the New Year.  It took them four days to turn up, four minutes to find the fault and then the technician left with no promise to return. It took them another four days to find someone […]