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Different tactics for not making decisions

How do no-decision managers survive the planning process?

I my previous article here on FP&A Trends, How do incompetent managers survive planning process, I explained how incompetent managers survive the planning process by using planning guidelines issued by headquarters to prepare their plan, or by encouraging their bosses to give them sufficient information before the plan starts. Incompetent managers plan by giving headquarters […]

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Tactic Number 15 Outrageous behaviour

The last tactic that no-decision managers use for avoiding decisions is only recognisable by those who work closely with them. When faced with sustained pressure from subordinates to make a decision, they suddenly come out of their normal behaviour and seem to lose control: a sort of ‘outrageous behaviour’. An example would be extreme anger, […]


Tactic Number 14 Implementing Decisions

No-decision managers use implementing decisions made by others, first as a tactic to avoid decision-making and second as way of showing the world that they are not really managers who never decide but normal managers, because here they are looking as though they are suddenly making decisions, but all they are doing is carrying out […]


Tactic Number 13.5 Deviated Sideways Delegation

‘Deviated sideways delegation’ is the last way no-decision managers avoid decision-making though deviated delegation. Here, they persuade a colleague at the same hierarchical level to take a decision in their place. If they have a common project together, it might be possible for another manager to take the lead and make the key decisions. This […]


Tactic Number 13.4 Deviated Diagonal Delegation

‘Deviated diagonal delegation’ is next best for no-decision managers, if their boss does not make a decision for them. This involves persuading a colleague of their no-decision boss or someone in headquarters to take a decision in their place. This option is easiest to manoeuvre when working in an organisation where managers have multiple bosses, […]

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