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My second no-decision boss

My second no-decision boss made me more frustrated than my first. My reaction this time was how could this happen to me again. That in itself was frustrating enough. But this time, he was an experienced no-decision manager and had been promoted into this top management position responsible for hundreds of employees in both manufacturing and sales.

My frustration came from the sophisticated no-decision-making tactics he used against his team, me included. It lasted for more than a year and I then went into a state of contempt for his incompetence.

This gave me the ability to watch how he worked. I attended meetings with his boss, with managers from headquarters and with outside suppliers. It was as though he had two separate personalities, one for his subordinates another for the hierarchy.

I realised also that some of his team, colleagues of mine were not in frustration anger or contempt like me. They were quite happy working for him. Their ability to remain happy, even pleased working with a no-decision boss stayed a mystery for many years. It was not until I met my third no-decision boss late in my career, that I realised how they managed to do this.

I left the company as quickly as possible as I did with my first no-decision boss, but this time I worked with him for three years.

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