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No-decision track

My second no-decision boss

My second no-decision boss made me more frustrated than my first. My reaction this time was how could this happen to me again. That in itself was frustrating enough. But this time, he was an experienced no-decision manager and had been promoted into this top management position responsible for hundreds of employees in both manufacturing […]


My first no-decision boss: reflections

The frustration working with my first no-decision boss only disappeared the day I left. Looking back three things amazed me.First, how could such a manger even exist in the business world: one who never makes decisions? It must be impossible, but no, here he was, a European Director, coming into the office every day to […]


My first no-decision boss

I met my first no-decision boss in my early thirties. It took a while to discover what he was doing. At first, I thought I was not giving him enough information to make decisions. He was, after all, a newly hired European Director and didn’t know the company. But giving him time and information did […]