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Have you ever worked for a manager who never makes a decision ?

This blog is a light-hearted, but accurate analysis of the inner workings of managers that systematically never make decisions, based on the book How to become a no-decision manager. It explains their senseless disorganisation, their absurd methods of decision avoidance, their skilful strategies for survival and their systematic search for secrecy.
“I used to be indecisive but now I am not sure”

(the late Tommy Cooper, a well known British comedian)

Seven reasons organisations keep toxic managers

Besides harming subordinates, toxic managers harm the organisations they work in. They incur hidden and indirect costs, competent employees leave, absenteeism increases, and tasks are carried out mechanically. Ultimately, dissatisfaction encourages unproductive talk about the behaviour of the boss. Organisations that leave toxic managers in place never admit it. If they did, they would have […]


My second no-decision boss

My second no-decision boss made me more frustrated than my first. My reaction this time was how could this happen to me again. That in itself was frustrating enough. But this time, he was an experienced no-decision manager and had been promoted into this top management position responsible for hundreds of employees in both manufacturing […]


My first no-decision boss: reflections

The frustration working with my first no-decision boss only disappeared the day I left. Looking back three things amazed me.First, how could such a manger even exist in the business world: one who never makes decisions? It must be impossible, but no, here he was, a European Director, coming into the office every day to […]