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Have you ever worked for a manager who never makes a decision ?

This blog is a light-hearted, but accurate analysis of the inner workings of managers that systematically never make decisions, based on the book How to become a no-decision manager. It explains their senseless disorganisation, their absurd methods of decision avoidance, their skilful strategies for survival and their systematic search for secrecy.
“I used to be indecisive but now I am not sure”

(the late Tommy Cooper, a well known British comedian)

How do no-decision managers survive the planning process?

I my previous article here on FP&A Trends, How do incompetent managers survive planning process, I explained how incompetent managers survive the planning process by using planning guidelines issued by headquarters to prepare their plan, or by encouraging their bosses to give them sufficient information before the plan starts. Incompetent managers plan by giving headquarters […]


Research on no-decision managers

As you might imagine it is impossible to complete serious academic research on no-decision managers. They are unlikely to volunteer to be examined and if management let researchers loose in their organisation in search of them, interviews would have to be done without the knowledge or the consent of the no-decision managers themselves. And then […]


Where no-decision managers thrive

Several Japanese colleagues have suggested to me that no-decision managers would thrive in companies which use the ‘Ringi’ decision-making process common in Japan, so I decided to compare this process with the characteristics of no-decision managers. (Note 1) I have worked in a Japanese company, but never in one that uses the Ringi process to […]