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Have you ever worked for a manager who never makes a decision ?

This blog is a light-hearted, but accurate analysis of the inner workings of managers that systematically never make decisions, based on the book How to become a no-decision manager. It explains their senseless disorganisation, their absurd methods of decision avoidance, their skilful strategies for survival and their systematic search for secrecy.
“I used to be indecisive but now I am not sure”

(the late Tommy Cooper, a well known British comedian)

Make sure you protect yourself

I have already warned you that making decisions in place of your no-decision boss is dangerous and against the company’s procedures. You are on your own so you need to protect yourself against a wrong decision or at least a decision that your boss’s boss does not agree with. No-decision bosses will not protect you. […]


Choose the level of decision-making carefully

Your journey into the unknown has just started. You have confirmed that your boss is a no-decision manager and you have decided to make their decisions, you are in what I call ‘aphonic acknowledgement.’ I invented this ludicrous name because no-decision managers have a hidden process of agreeing with subordinates, a sort of silent pact, […]


Don’t mix up an indecisive boss with a no-decision boss

The environment of a no-decision manager is similar to the one of an indecisive manager. Some decisions are made some of the time with both of these manager types.  The indecisive manager makes their decisions too slowly and too late. The no-decision manager searches for people to make decisions in their place: usually their boss […]