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No-decision garden path

Don’t mix up an indecisive boss with a no-decision boss

The environment of a no-decision manager is similar to the one of an indecisive manager. Some decisions are made some of the time with both of these manager types.  The indecisive manager makes their decisions too slowly and too late. The no-decision manager searches for people to make decisions in their place: usually their boss […]


The other way to work in harmony with a no-decision boss.

Making decisions for the no-decision boss is not the only way to work in harmony with them. There is another simpler way which is often a necessary step to take before making their decisions. In my book I explain how I moved out of frustration into this state so instead of rephrasing it here, I […]


The only way to keep a career alive working for a no-decision boss

There is only one way to keep your career alive when working with no-decision bosses. Make decisions in their place. But this is dangerous, so you must take precautions and make some decisions yourself before you jump in and decide in place of your no-decision boss. In the newsletters over the next year, I will […]


How do no-decision managers survive the planning process?

I my previous article in FP&A Trends, How do incompetent managers survive planning process, I explained how incompetent managers survive the planning process by using planning guidelines issued by headquarters to prepare their plan, or by encouraging their bosses to give them sufficient information before the plan starts. Incompetent managers plan by giving headquarters and […]


How do incompetent managers survive the planning process

I often wondered how incompetent managers survive the planning process year after year without being detected as incompetent by their hierarchy.  It was during my time working with managers that never make decisions – I call them no-decision managers – that I discovered the two tactics they use, to make plans and remain undetected. Any type of […]

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