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No-decision garden path

Their impact on organisations

As has already been discussed, no-decision managers: a) make no-decisions in their department or company b) allow competent subordinates to leave and c) have a large number of their direct subordinates working with them in frustration, resignation or anger. These subordinates however also have teams to manage and the knowledge that their boss is unhappy […]


Why do they never decide?

I must admit that I never found a way to interview no-decision managers directly on their inability to make decisions. I am certain that one cannot just ask: “I know you are recognised as an experienced no-decision manager. Why do you never make decisions?” Coaches and psychologists I have, however, questioned management coaches and psychologists […]


What do they do all day?

If no-decision managers do not make decisions, they must do something during their working day. The definition of ‘manager’ in the dictionaries does not give us any insight. There are too many action words used to describe what a manager is; words such as ‘organising’, ‘directing’, ‘controlling’ or ‘administering’. These words require an action preceded […]


How do they survive?

If one can accept that no-decision managers exist in organisations never making decisions, the next hurdle to overcome is: “How on earth do they manage to survive in the long term?” Back to the eight no-decision managers that I worked with: four were fired, most probably because they were discovered as being no-decision managers. The […]


Why do organisations tolerate them?

There is evidence that organisations do not tolerate no-decision managers at all. It seems that as soon as management discovers that they have a manager in their organisation, that does not make decisions, they are rapidly dismissed. Fifty percent of no-decision managers, I worked with were fired, I suspect, because their bosses discovered they were […]

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