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No-decision garden path

Work in harmony with your no-decision boss

Most subordinates working for a no-decision manager either resign or go into one of three negative working relationships with their no-decision boss: ‘fundamental frustration’, ‘reticent resignation’ or ‘constant conflict,’ as described in previous articles. A few, however, make a conscious decision to leave negative emotions behind, and to work positively with their no-decision manager, accepting […]

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How do subordinates react when working with a no-decision manager?

Subordinates go through two phases when they first start working with a no-decision manager, never having worked with one before. Encountering a no-decision boss will be a pleasant one. They are generally friendly, approachable and invariably intelligent. This feeling of contentment continues until the first series of decisions needs to be made. Discovery The moment […]


But sometimes decisions are made

While no-decision managers never make decisions themselves, they are always on the lookout for someone else to take decisions for them. This is one of the most sophisticated tactics they use to avoid decision-making, which I call ‘deviated delegation’ with its four different variations. The first principle no-decision managers adopt deviating delegation is NEVER to […]


Their impact on organisations

As has already been discussed, no-decision managers: a) make no-decisions in their department or company b) allow competent subordinates to leave and c) have a large number of their direct subordinates working with them in frustration, resignation or anger. These subordinates however also have teams to manage and the knowledge that their boss is unhappy […]


Why do they never decide?

I must admit that I never found a way to interview no-decision managers directly on their inability to make decisions. I am certain that one cannot just ask: “I know you are recognised as an experienced no-decision manager. Why do you never make decisions?” Coaches and psychologists I have, however, questioned management coaches and psychologists […]

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