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Which manager type is the most toxic?

I have often wondered which type of toxic manager is worst.

Aggressive and narcissistic managers are kept on because they get things done or bring financial success. And yet, they have teams where morale is destroyed, mental health is deteriorated, work is complicated, energy is diverted from tasks on hand to deal with the toxicity, and absenteeism and turnover increased. Organisations believe I suppose that these hidden costs are compensated by the success of their toxic managers. They are toxic for their teams but successful for their organisation.

Unethical managers risk destroying the organisation they work in, so even if they get things done they can bankrupt them. Sometimes they are toxic to members of their team, especially when they ask them to perform unethical tasks which could harm the organisation or harm team members. If they carry out their unethical behaviour themselves and do not involve their teams they are only a risk to the organisation. Unethical managers, then, are the most dangerous for their organisation but not necessarily for their teams.

One type of toxic manager, though never gets things done and never brings financial success; this is the manager who never makes decisions: the no-decision manager. Their behaviour is as toxic to their teams as the aggressive and narcissistic managers, and they never achieve their financial objectives. These managers are for me the most toxic for both the organisation they work in and for their teams. 

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